black and white portrait of isa santorsola
black and white portrait of isa santorsola

Hey! I'm isa...

I was born in Venezuela, a land blessed by beautiful landscapes where I keep my most cherished memories. A country that has taught me to love nature, the smell of sea, hot weather, the air of the mountain, cocoa, walking barefoot and greeting strangers.

I am a photographer and a graphic designer. My studies in photography started eleven years ago in Roberto Mata School of Photography, but it wasn’t after I finished my graphic design degree in 2012 (at Prodiseño School of Visual Communication) that I decided to embark in this beautiful journey.

My passion for creativity is no coincidence. I was born in a family of altruist architects who showed me the value of art and to love what I do.
Since I was a child, I have been surrounded by photographs giving a black-and-white narrative to my mom’s life, penned by my grandfather.
Since then, I’ve understood how valuable stories become when they are accompanied by powerful images.

Over time I fell in love with the stories of others, I understood that each story was unique and just as important as the previous one; telling stories teaches me the value of others, to respect different visions and opinions, to be more tolerant and open-minded. That's when I realized that documentary was the right path for me.


behind the scenes of isa santorsola working on a canoe at the orinoco river delta


Thanks for taking a look around, please feel free to get in touch.

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