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July 20, 2017 /

Fotógrafos en Resistencia

In 2017, millions of Venezuelans started a big protest due to the inhumane conditions we have to endure and the economic crisis that has only worsen over the years. This protest lasted about 4 months. The repression perpetrated by the security forces commanded by the government left a balance of more than 429 political prisoners, more than 2,000 injured and about 121 deaths.

The repression and abuse of power we see in Venezuela today have overpowered any attempts to make a change: Human rights are violated daily and the media is censored and controlled by the government. This has caused social networks to become THE way for every Venezuelan to denounce what is happening and THE way to be informed.

This story pays tribute to all the people who spontaneously decided to become an informative window, not only for Venezuelans but for the international community, and who day after day risk their lives to document the preposterous situation as well as letting the world know the truth about our country. Here, they give us their testimony.

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Photographers in resistence