February 21, 2019 /


Just when Antonio seemed to be at the end of his career, he was presented with an opportunity that could bring one of the biggest challenges of his life: competing in the Olympic Games.

After many years of fighting and rooting to include Karate as an Olympic sports category; in 2016, the International Olympic Committee finally backed his proposal, and decided that Karate should debut as an Olympic discipline in Tokyo 2020. Antonio, then at 36 years old, planned to end his career, but thanks to this incredible step, he decided to continue his #RoadToTokyo2020, and become the first Venezuelan to classify in this sport in a global event of such magnitude.

This project aims to document the Olympic path of Antonio; to record each moment of the classification process, competitions, trainings, workshops, victories, defeats and every difficulty he has to overcome in this path. This project also aims to show the most human side of the athlete, its routine, family life and values. Our purpose is to show a visual piece that portrays the challenges Antonio must undergo to compete in a world event, taking into consideration he is not that young fellow he once was.